Slappin’ Da Bass

Jul 18 2010

So I picked my self up a very tidy new bass. An upgrade in the bass department has been long overdue, I’ve spent a hella long time muling over what form this upgrade would take.

When it comes to six strings the only real choice in my humble opinion are Gibsons and likewise I believe there is only one option when looking at bass’: Fender.

I’m a lifelong Jazz fan (the model, not genre) but was tempted by the Precision, the Music Man Stingray is a beautiful machine that I’ve been playing a fair bit recently courtesy of a very generous pal of mine and so that was an option too. Long story short, the Jag Bass blew me away, the option to switch between active and passive and the sheer range of tonal possibilities made this a winner.

It’s a stunning bit of gear that I’m very taking by, I had a custom 3 ply pick guard made up too to bring her in line with the black/white theme I seem to have going with the rest of the fleet.

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